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5 Effective Tips to Keep Car Air Conditioning Running

Summer days means dealing with extreme heat. There are some typical days where the temperature outside can get unbearably hot and humid. And, if you regularly have to go to your office or stores, then you can assume the amount of stress it takes to sit in the car and drive all the way. 

Now here’s where you’ll wonder about Air Conditioning of the car. But, these appliances bear extreme heat and can become faulty and overworked due to many external factors. 

But, according to auto repair experts, there are some special tips, or rather some easy tips that can maintain your car’s air conditioning, keep it running cool and smoothly during a hot day. Interested to find out? Read below!

Expert Tips to Maintain Car’s Air Conditioning!

Follow these easy expert tips to keep your car’s air conditioning at top-notch:

1. Clean the Coolant Unit 

The first step to maintain the car’s AC is to make sure that the unit is clear of any debris and particles stuck inside. Check the condenser and the radiator and make sure there are no dust particles, debris is stuck inside. This can severely damage the cooling process of the AC due to blockage. 

2. Keep Your Radiator Flushed 

It is essential to keep a check on your radiator. Make sure you flush it once every two years. And, to do this, you may require the use of a special chemical element for cleaning the radiator. Doing so will increase the performance of the air conditioning by a long margin. This is because it keeps the engine cool so that the performance is efficient. 

3. Check the Fan Belt 

The fan belt is one of the core components of the air conditioning. It determines the working of the unit. But, it can often become faulty due to many external reasons. Thus, it is advisable to get the fan belt checked by an auto repair technician for a better understanding. 

Also, keep in mind to check whether the fan belt is co-operating with other elements like the power steering pump, water pump, or the alternator. 

4. Switch Off AC Before Shutting Car Engine 

When your ride is complete, you’d switch off the engine but avoid doing it while the AC is still running. This implies that you must switch off the AC before you shut down the car’s engine. This eliminates the AC from getting a sudden shock of a heatwave. Additionally, it also helps the car’s battery life to sustain more so the next time you run the AC, it won’t take much battery. 

5. Use the Car’s AC Often 

Despite the summer day, there are days when the temperature is moderate and the wind outside is bearable. So, most of the time, we choose to turn off the AC and enjoy the air coming through the car’s window. 

However, it would be advisable to run your AC now and then, even for a while. This is because if you keep our Air Conditioning on a pause for a long time, then mildew, molds, build up debris and dust, and they can accumulate inside the unit. 

Thus, it is necessary to let it run frequently for its sustainability. Keep the AC running on an ice blast for about 10 minutes. Then, you can turn it off. This way, the refrigerator will also circulate the system oil inside the unit to keep it from drying out. 


Car Air Conditioning is a luxury to many but similarly, it requires care and attention from time to time. These expert tips will keep it running without any issues. So, next time when you go out for a ride, do not be unforgetful about these tips.