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7 Common Indications that Shows AC Unit Needs a Tune-Up

When the weather gets hot, surely you will rely upon your air conditioner in order to keep your living space comfortable. However, as your AC remains off almost half of the year, there’s a huge possibility that the AC unit can be damaged and you don’t even realize it.

Therefore, to keep your AC running to it’s the best level, it’s mandatory to have an AC Tune-up. Now, you might think, what is an AC tune-up? Well, with Tune-up, you can schedule a daily maintenance process. At the time of AC-Tune up, a professional technician will check the refrigerant level, clean the condenser coils, as well as tighten the electrical parts. 

Importance of AC Tune-Up 

You can’t neglect the fact that if you want your air conditioner to work properly, you must opt for a local service provider who can take care of your HVAC system. Moreover, AC tune-up can surely save lots of money, as well as your valuable time.

Signs, it’s Time for AC Tune-Up

When your HVAC system behaves strangely, you will know it. However, as said earlier, sometimes, you don’t even realize and suddenly your AC unit completely breaks down. However, if you notice that your air conditioner shows these signs, then it’s the perfect time for Tune-up.

1. AC Unit blows Warm Air

If your HVAC system is running for a long period without cooling your residence or without providing you with your expected temperature. Then surely, monthly energy bills will increase significantly. Numerous factors can be responsible for the problem- such as your system suffers from developing problems, or the cooling register is damaged. However, no matter for what reason, the issue appears, an effective AC Tune-up always solves the issue without much expense.

2. Moisture Occurs where they Shouldn’t

Have you noticed that mould and odours in unwanted places? If so, then it means the outdoor compressor might have a leak or it breaks completely. Now, before more mould develops and you have to go for an expensive AC repair, a professional Tune-up can instantly fix the problem. 

3. Unusual Sound from the AC unit

This is a common problem if you use an air conditioner for a long time. Now, if an AC works smoothly, you will hear normal sounds from the air conditioner unit. However, do you hear unusual sounds while powering your AC? If yes, then you might have to perform an AC Tune-Up as early as possible in order to detect and solve the source of the problem.

4. Weak Airflow

Sometimes, you might see that the air coming through the air conditioner vent is cool, however, it’s not blowing properly through the air registers. Most of the time, because of a clogged air filter or if there are one or more air ducts, as a result, you will get weak airflow. Fortunately, with an AC Tune-up, you can get rid of the situation. 

5. Temperature Switches from Room-to-Room

In case, you measure the room temperature in one room and it’s different from the temperature of other rooms. Then, due to the thermostat, this problem happens. In this situation, you have to calibrate the thermostat. Fortunately, with an annual AC Tune-up, you can solve the problem as the technician will thoroughly check the internal working of the air conditioner unit. Then, they will identify the root cause of the trouble and fix it with their experienced hand.

6. Carbon Monoxide Detector

All the HVAC systems are designed with a carbon monoxide detector. This detector will alert you if toxic gases are present near the system. However, in case the detector is turned off, or at the primary level, then you should power off your HVAC system, open all the ventilation along with the windows of your home. Then, consult with your local service provider and detect the gas source. Apart from this, in case, you detect any warning signs, don’t wait and opt for an AC Tune-up. 

7. Excessive Humidity

One of the basic things that an HVAC does is to reduce the humidity. Hence, if you notice there’s too much humidity within your house, it’s a clear indication that you have to perform an AC Tune-up. Therefore, don’t take a risk and contact your nearby AC service provider.

Prevent Serious Damages…

The above symptoms indicate that there’s an issue with your AC unit. Now, in case, you notice these signs and schedule an AC Tune-up, then a professional service provider will disclose the reasons and solve the problem before it becomes an expensive affair. Also, you can visit Aircond Repair Dubai and rely upon the experts, who are the best in this domain.