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7 Maintenance Guidelines for Efficiently Working Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Units are used to keep your home cool and air regulated. It is one of the most life-saving appliances during a hot summer day. But, despite the great significance it offers, it needs proper care and maintenance to be able to work efficiently. 

That being said, it is needless to say that technical appliances come with minor to major flaws from time to time. Most of the time, it is an inevitable moment. But, what can be controlled is its usage and maintenance. 

In fact, maintenance of the Air Conditioner can severely elevate its performance much better than before. Besides, it would save your future expenses on repairing Air conditioner units. But how to maintain an air conditioner? Here’s how. Read more below. 

Professional Rules to Follow for Air Conditioner Maintenance 

Here are some useful tips you can use to maintain your air conditioner:

  1. Checking Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coils can often accumulate a lot of particles such as wind debris, dust, or dirt particles. They continue to get entrapped in the coil, and the unit becomes unable to absorb the heat. As a result, the entire unit suffers from it and fails to produce any cool air to the room. In such cases, it is important to get it cleaned and sorted. 

2. Checking Condenser Coil

The condenser coil, unlike the evaporator coil, is situated in the unit that sits outside. It is needless to say that a huge amount of dust and dirt can easily transmit through it and get stuck. Be it dirt, dust, wind particles, rain, or even leave can spoil its working. This, in return, makes the condenser heat. As a result, the compressor starts to heat too. So, the compressor fails to work after a point, and the cooling effect reduces. Hence, it is important to get them cleaned once a month.  

3. Air Filter Cleaning

Air filters are essential items that trap dust and dirt while pulling in air from your room. It can become trapped with hard layers of dirt which can spoil the cooling effect. Thus, clean these air filters once a week. This will allow the compressor to stay healthy as well. 

4. Cover Unit in Winter

Instead of having to clean your condenser coil outside, here’s one more measure you can take which is highly applicable for winter seasons. During winter, you can save the condenser unit from any dust particles by covering the unit as it will not be used. 

5. Unclog AC Unit Drain 

Make sure the rear end drain of the AC unit is open for passing. If in any case, it is blocked, then the refrigerants can easily leak water into your room. This way, the humidity of the room starts to increase as well. Hence, unclog the drains occasionally to avoid the hassle. 

6. Check Thermostat

The thermostat is the configuration setting that is responsible for controlling the temperature of the room. Often, we fail to understand the correct use of it. For instance, make sure you keep the temperature to a moderate level where the compressor does not have to overwork. Likewise, close any gaps in the room so that the compressor can stay fit without excess working. That being said, if you can centralize AC, then consider changing the temperature settings to auto-detection room temperature. 

7. AC Service  

Lastly, you can always resort to the AC maintenance service. Professional Service providers can get into the root of the problem and make sure your AC is running properly. Also, AC services give your AC the healthy dose that it needs along with necessary tweaking or replacing units with genuine ones. Get in touch with the nearest AC maintenance services.