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How often should I get AC servicing  done?

It is always advisable to service your AC at least once in a year so that it works smoothly with long durability and efficiency.

What is going to happen if I Don’t Service My AC?

Running an unserviced AC can lead to bigger problems in the long run. For example, if air filters are not cleaned, then dirt accumulation can block air from flowing in. This can result in a spoiling the compressor and thus having a reduced to no cooling effect.

Why is my AC working but unable to form cool air?

When the air compressor or refrigerators inside become damaged, then the AC fails to produce cool air. Also, uncleaned air filters can also be a reason too.

What is included in the air conditioner service?

In our AC services, AC repairing, installing, maintaining, and cleaning services are included. Our experts have the needful knowledge to do it.

Can you fall sick of dirty air ducts in AC?

It is possible to fall sick from unclean air ducts. Many layers of germs, dust, dirt, and other particles get trapped inside the air filters which are used for producing cool air. We breathe this air which is harmful to our immunity. This is why it is essential to do AC duct cleaning.

How to increase the efficiency of chillers?

To increase the efficiency of the chiller, installing speed drivers is helpful. Also, increasing the temperature of supply would produce effective results in chiller maintenance.

How to disinfect the AC?

To properly disinfect the AC, the use of multi-purpose hygiene liquid is advisable for use. Take a clean fabric and use the liquid on it Then, wipe the surface of the AC gently. Our experts use quality products for disinfecting the AC.