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Everything you Need to Know Before you Avail AC Repair Services During Pandemic

Dubai usually gets too hot in summer and this year also, there is no exception. Mercury is reaching new heights every day and only an air conditioner can provide you with the relief. But, the matter of concern is that an extreme rise in temperature can force your air conditioner to face a breakdown.

And, amidst this Coronavirus outbreak, you might not want to risk your life by availing a technician at your home or commercial sector. But, there is no other way to fix your air conditioning system. An air conditioner is a critical combination of exquisite electrical and electronics parts with plumbing components.

So, only a trained and experienced AC technician can fix the issues of your AC. After all, the ACs must be working without any technical glitch so that you can lead a peaceful life. 

Before the pandemic hit the entire world, you would just pick your phone up and make a call at an AC servicing centre. But, now, you might be thinking whether it is the right time to call in an electrician.

What are the AC Servicing Businesses Doing?

As per recent circumstances, the AC service providers are forced to change the way they used to deliver the service. But, whatever happens, the services must not come to a halt. So, the businesses are taking all the health-safety measures very seriously. And, the professionals are abiding by those regulations, too.

Most of the businesses have asked their employees to wear masks, PPE kits if needed, maintain social distance, avoid direct contact with customers. Moreover, they are sanitizing every part of your air conditioner so that the risk of infection can be mitigated.

What’s your Responsibility?

If you want an instant fix then this is not possible under such circumstances. Because not every spare part is available in the market due to a pandemic situation. So, you have to patiently wait until you get your AC fixed within seven to ten days.

Moreover, before you hand over the AC service to any particular AC repairing service provider make sure that they follow all the safety precautions. Furthermore, you can verify with these following queries, such as:

  • Do they disinfect the AC and its parts after a service?
  • How long should it take to repair or service the air conditioner?
  • Do they follow safety measures?
  • Do they wear masks, gloves, rubber shoes or PPE kits while servicing your AC?

If you find positive replies to such queries then you can avail AC services from a reliable and trusted service provider. After all, it’s all about retaining your peace of mind. 

How to Operate your AC?

In case, you want to reduce both the air condition issues and infection rates then you have to adapt to some daily habits. These habits will be good for your health as well as for your AC too. Let’s see how to control your air conditioner.

  • Maintain the room temperature from 24-degree to 30-degree when you switch on the air conditioner. Additionally, it is advised to keep the humidity ranging from forty to seventy per cent. More humidity than this can increase the dust mites and you might suffer from dust-borne allergies or respiratory issues.
  • Allow proper ventilation even when the air conditioner is running. Keep the ceiling fans on. You might partially open the windows in your room. Avail a fan filter or an exhaust fan to increase the intake of fresh air in the room. 

If you are using an evaporative cooler then make sure that it can draw fresh air from outside. And, that’s it. If you can abide by all these rules then you can save yourself from infections. Avail AC services to enhance their life expectancy and avoid hazards. But, don’t forget to follow related safety measures.