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How to Deal with a Broken AC Amid this Pandemic?

Getting a specialist to come into your house to fix the AC cable or wireless doesn’t only require proper arrangement during this COVID-19 pandemic, but also needs an intensive survey. 

Townhouse residents need to check with the affiliation first to ensure the worker is still permitted to enter the building. Apart from this, some of the houses need to mitigate plumbing problems, sliding doors or AC, adjusting storm shutters as part of prevention measures. And, this makes hiring an expert essential. 

Also, experts in circuit repair, handyman, cooling fix experts, and other in-home assistance labourers, are carrying out the responsibilities, presently accompanying the additional duty of cleaning up and sanitization. Further, they are finding easy ways to repair the AC or any other components at a very low cost.

According to Lucia Fonseca, one of the shareholders of the Elektron Electric stated that right now, workers need to do their jobs a lot differently. She also added that before entering anyone’s house her workers must wear a mask, gloves, and even shoes for covering.  

We are all living our lives under the COVID-19 pandemic. During these days, people are more dependent on internet activities, working lights, and air conditioners. In short, nowadays, these are known as necessary services.  

What if your AC Stops Working?

During the summer days, we can’t even think of a single day without AC. And, if your AC stops working, you have to immediately call a technician. These are the signs that indicate that your AC is damaged and needs to be repaired.

  • Poor airflow is a common indication that your AC stops working
  • In case your air conditioner is unable to keep the moisture range to a comfortable range, you should call a technician.
  • Leaking water around the air conditioner is a clear indication that your cooling system has stopped working
  • In case, you smell unpleasant odours and detect that they are coming from the HVAC system, you must rely upon a technician. 

Is it safe to Book an AC repair Expert, Now?

Mary Jo Trepka, a disease transmission specialist with Florida International University said that when it comes to allowing some unknown person to their house, a person has to ‘weigh the risks’. 

She also added that a broken AC could be a medical problem and warrant somebody coming in to make the required repairs. However, in these conditions, both the service provider and the customers must wear masks and should follow the social distance guidelines. According to her, if a person comes into your house, it is not as much risk as visiting the repair center. 

Now, if an essential appliance such as AC gets broken, don’t walk over the road to purchase a new one immediately. To avoid this problem, you can order online. But, if you order equipment online, you don’t get many more options. So, call an expert.

Best Strategies to Maintain

Manny, owner of the MBI Plumbing in Pembroke Pines, mentions that while doing his duty, he takes the necessary safety measurements like wearing masks and gloves. And, this must be followed by all. So, check whether your hired expert is well-equipped with these strategies or not.

Besides that, it is always safe for the customers to leave their house so that the expert can complete his responsibilities. Thus, if anybody has the disease it will not spread to others. This is the best strategy to hire someone under this pandemic.  

However, to work your AC smoothly, you can maintain some strategies: 

  • While running your air conditioner close all the windows
  • Keep away all the heat-producing appliances from the thermostat
  • If you notice any leak around your Window or under the Door, immediately fix it.
  • Clean outside of the condenser unit and unblock and Vacuum and vent.


Plumbers and technicians are the unsung heroes who keep things running smoothly. And, people can not stay long with a broken AC. So, that’s all the things that you should know before allowing a technician into your house. Book Reliable AC Repair in Dubai and leave them the rest of the work. However, the ultimate decision must be made by you.