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How to Install a Window AC? A Step-By-Step Guide

There is no other alternative way that will provide a satisfying experience in terms of cooling your house than a window-mounted air conditioner. The greatest advantage of window AC is that the compressed units are durable and reliable. 

So, have you purchased a window air conditioner and want to install it? You can easily call a technician to do the installation task. However, if you thoroughly follow the given techniques, you can quickly install the window AC on your own.

There is no harm in giving it a try but it is always recommended to seek professional help from Air Conditioner Repair Dubai as the process involves electrical work. So, think before you take the first step.

Before you Begin

Ensure that you choose the window that is close enough to an outlet. Most of the window air conditioner comes with 5 to 6 feet power cords. Hence, check the side of the air conditioner cord and till where it extends, and then select an outlet. Besides, use the manual to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Tools Required

  • Scissors 
  • Screwdriver
  • Manufacturer-provided brackets
  • Measuring tape

Here’s how to Install a Window AC?

We are about to explain the techniques on what you should follow as well as what things you need to avoid while installing a window air conditioner. Check them out.

  • Unpack the AC & Find out the Center of the Window

The first thing that you have to do is carefully remove the AC from the packet and ensure that all the components were sent. Next, you should locate the center of the window and after that mark the window center with a pencil. Marking the spot will definitely make the installation procedure easy for you as well as make sure that the side panels can reach on both sides of your window.

  • Prepare the Window for Installation

Now, you should open the window where you wish to install the air conditioner. In case, a weatherstrip is offered by the manufacturer, then install it. This weatherstrip will block the airflow that might pass through the little cracks. Also, when you install the AC, the strips will protect the windows from the possible damages.

  • Connect the Side Panels

Next, what you should do is attach the panels within the proper place on the air conditioner unit. Use the provided screws and secure the side panels. In order to avoid any gaps and to stop the warm air and pollution within your house, you are advised to connect all the screws. 

  • Put your Air Conditioner on the Window

Now, pick up the air conditioner and then insert it within the window. After that, you should tightly close the top of the AC. Here, you will see a spot where the window can easily slide into the place. Furthermore, you must close the window. Now, the air conditioner must be securely in place. According to experts, while performing this step, it’s always better to use help.

  • Install the L Brackets

You are almost done with the hard part. Now, you just have to secure everything as well as give a finishing touch. Though the installation procedure is totally based on the manufacturer, nowadays, most of the AC models come with at least one L bracket that can be used to securely hold the window in place.

Hence, you are advised to install the L brackets on the top of the opened window. It will restrict the window from being pushed up and according to the experts, this is the main thing that you should consider while installing a window AC.

In case, your manufacturer doesn’t provide you with an L bracket, you are strongly advised to collect an L bracket from your nearby home repairing tool shop.

  • Attach the Window padding

If given, then you should attract the window padding on both sides of the open window. However, if no window padding with your air conditioner, simply extend both the side panels in order to reach the window. 

  • Secure your Air Conditioner Unit

Now, use the brackets & screws provided by the manufactures and then connect the air conditioner with the interior window sill. It presents an additional level of protection. However, some manufacturer’s don’t think this is essential, but if they provide the required screws, you must connect your AC to the interior wall.


These are the window AC installation tips that you can apply while installing the appliance on your own. However, if you are not much acquainted in this field, we would recommend leaving the task for the professionals. Air Conditioner Repair Dubai can help you to sort all the issues with on-site assistance.