There are many industrial factories that are responsible for producing a high amount of heat during some processes. The level of heat generated is in significant amounts and thus, it can produce collateral damage to equipment and also cause damage to the finished products. This is why industrial chillers are made, which extracts the heat that is generated. In return, it produces a cooling effect which is helpful in reducing the heat formed. That being said, an industrial chiller costs a fortune which is why it is essential to have it maintained from time to time. 

This is where our service will be helpful to you since we provide premium Chiller Maintenance Services in Dubai. Our experts are well equipped with the right set off tools, knowledge, and experience to do the work easily. By the end of the service, you’ll see a significant change in the chiller, be water-cooled or air-cooled chiller. 

Additionally, our experts believe in quality. Hence, they start from inspecting the inlets, outlets, leaks, compressor units, condenser units, fan blades, air blockage, electrical wiring, filters, and temperature controls. No matter what part it is, being a promising name among chiller maintenance companies in UAE, we cover all of it. 

Expert Chiller Maintenance Service We Offer

Are you noticing an underlying issue in the chiller? For instance, if you find, leakage, block, or compressor making unusual noises, then it’s time for you to avail proper chiller maintenance service right away. 

Also, there are many times when issues can go unnoticed. For example, it is hard to detect corrosion in the chiller tube or it can be difficult to detect any calibration operation issue. Regardless, our experts are serious about providing a quality chiller maintenance service. 

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Why is Chiller Maintenance Required?

No matter the kind of chiller you have, it is always essential to get its servicing done once in a while. Chillers are known for their ability to reduce heat and form a cooling effect when a  massive amount of heat is produced. Naturally, there can be many things that can go wrong, and often it is hard to detect. Chiller Maintenance service ensures that the chiller works properly. 

Chiller Tube Inspection 

Heat exchange with cooling agents occurs in a tube that is made of brazed plate exclusive for the exchange. Over the course of time, corrosion can form in the tube and disrupt the working of the cooling effect in exchange for heat. Our experts carefully check the tube to fix any kind of corrosion. 

Condenser Water Loop Inspection

Many chillers contain a water loop instead of a closed-loop. As a result, it gets its cooling from an open course of the air tower. Its exposure to the environment can be the source of bacterial growth. At first, our experts disconnect all wiring & electrical components. Then, our experts do a thorough check in the strainers and cartridges and treat the areas with Dubai-approved chemicals. Also, they deeply check though the coils for airborne particles in the process. 

Refrigerant Leak Inspection 

The rate of cooling is directly dependent on how much refrigerants have been circulating inside the compressor. Being a part of one of the top-grade chiller maintenance companies in UAE, our experts inspect the valves and check for any possible leaks. Additionally, if you see that the compressor is unable to produce a stronger cooling effect, then most likely it is due to a leak. Upon finding leaks, our experts implement the necessary steps to fix it or replace it. 

Maintaining Glycol Concentration

During the cooling effect, it is important to keep the temperature below the freezing point so that it does not freeze the system component. Our experts ensure that the fluid Glycol is capable of passing through the evaporator without freezing. 

Motor Inspection

There are many important components inside the chiller that adds up to its functionality. These core components, if damaged, can be harmful to the overall working operation of the chiller. From sensor calibration, control checking, electrical wiring system, safety checking, gears to microprocessors, they inspect all of them and repair or replace them if necessary. 

About Us

We are one of the top leading brands in Dubai to provide exceptional chiller maintenance service. Professionals who register with us, go through an enormous amount of training so that they carry out the maintenance service efficiently. These experts have knowledge in maintaining both air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers so they don’t have any problem tweaking or tuning any parts of the chiller. 

Additionally, we understand the importance of having chillers maintenance once in a while-which is why our service focuses on quality. Hence, our professionals improvise on enhancing its durability in the long run. 

Why Should You Choose Chiller Maintenance Service?

Industrial manufacturing, be it chemical or solid, produces heat. This amount of heat is huge in an amount which is why chillers exist to exchange the heat with cooling effects. It has a great responsibility and needs to be checked and tuned occasionally. However, doing so requires professional help. Alongside this, you’d have added benefits with our chiller maintenance service.

  • Getting a chiller maintenance service from us ensures that energy will be utilized efficiently. You can save quite some amount on energy bills whereas neglecting a maintenance service would not favor the cost. 
  • Regulated check is essential for the chiller. Many components become obsolete or simply fail to work after a certain period of time if not tuned or checked. Getting our service would boost the reliability and durability of the chiller. 
  • Oftentimes, many core components require add-ons or replacement due to damage. If you do not check the components then the overall working operation gets affected. Our maintenance service makes sure everything is fine and proceeds for a replacement if necessary. 
  • Getting a chiller maintenance service also reduces the chances of a sudden shutdown of the machine. If everything inside the chiller undergoes tuning & tweaking for functional enhancement, then you won’t have to worry about a sudden shutdown. 
  • Once you avail of our service, we will assign you a professional based on your requirements. Upon arriving, the professionals inspect and start with their service immediately. 

Get Professional Chiller Maintenance Service Today!

Chillers play an important role in the fields of industry. Hence, our prime concern is to deliver you the best chiller maintenance service. No matter what kind it is, or where it is, our experts do not hesitate to perform their tasks. Also, they are dedicated and maintain professionalism so you can rely on them with the service itself. 

Our service is client-focused which makes us one of the recommended chiller maintenance companies in the UAE. For queries or suggestions, we’re available at all times. Reach out the support team and book a service today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Aspects like low refrigerants, less water flow, mud coating, less mineral build up in the condenser, damaged fan blades, leakage, low thermostat and more can be the reason why a chiller trips. Also, built-up ice, breakdown of components, and blockage in water filters can be the reason. 

For chillers, the most common gases are H2O (Water), R134A HFC (Hydrofluorocarbon), R744 CO2, HCFC (Hydrochlorofluroncarbon), R717 Ammonia, HC5, R407C, R404A, R410A, R448A, and R49A are in use depending on the type of chiller. 

A small chiller can last as much as 10 years while screw chillers can endure long enough for 15 to 20 years. Other chillers like the centrifugal chiller are capable of running for more than 25 years. 

For the purpose of exchanging heat with cooling effects, chillers contain various kinds of filters based on chiller types. The most common type are air filters, sand filters, and side-stream filters. Simply by opting for seamless chiller maintenance service, you can ensure that the filters will remain functions.

To increase the efficiency of the chillers, introducing speed pumping or speed boosting facilities can work. Also, increasing the supply temperature and having parallel devices running simultaneously can increase its optimality.