Keeping the AC serviced and repaired in Bur Dubai is crucial to avoid an unwanted breakdown during summer. But, what if you find out the fan is not working even when the AC is on? Connect with AC Repairs Dubai in such instances to fix the problem. We are a leading AC repair company in Bur Dubai. Our professionals strive to offer the best AC repair services to our clients. 

We understand the importance of an AC in this unbearable heat of bur Dubai. This is why we ensure our clients get instant solutions when their AC generates issues. Moreover, we have a team of certified technicians who can fix every AC unit. Whether the condenser or AC coils need to be replaced, call us. We are available round the clock to mitigate your AC-related needs. 

AC Repair Bur Dubai Services, We Offer

Is the air conditioner running constantly even after turning it off? Then, it calls for an immediate intervention of our veteran professionals. We will opt for a thorough inspection and look for the faulty part. Our technicians will replace them immediately to resolve the problem. 

We have been dealing with critical AC issues for years. Thus, you can count on us anytime to fix the thermostat or fan problems. Moreover, we offer a broad range of AC repair services in Bur Dubai. Hire our experts when you experience any issues with the AC. We will reach out to you at the earliest possible to fix the AC-related problems.

Here are the AC repair Bur Dubai services you can trust us with:

AC Capacitor Repair Services

Power fluctuations and frequency changes in the thermostat settings can damage the capacitors. A faulty capacitor prevents the exterior units from working properly. But, you don’t have to worry about anything when AC Repairs Dubai is here to assist. We can identify the capacitor failure signs easily. Besides, our AC repair Bur Dubai experts can repair the capacitor within minutes. So, don’t wait! Book our exclusive services and fix the capacitor issues.

AC Evaporator Coil Repair Services

If the air conditioner isn’t cooling properly, it could be due to a faulty evaporator coil. Take immediate action to repair this AC unit. Otherwise, the device might reduce the airflow and increase the moisture level. But, repairing the damaged evaporator coil might be difficult. Thus, hire our experts and leave the repair part to us. 

Book our services when you notice these evaporator coil damage signs:

  • Air coming from the vents is warm
  • The air conditioner doesn’t turn on
  • Refrigerant leak near the indoor cooling system units
  • Unusual noises are coming from the air conditioner 

AC Compressor Repair Services

The compressor will stop functioning if there isn’t enough refrigerant. Moreover, dust or dirt buildup can prevent this AC unit from working. Whatever the reason is behind the compressor issue, we can fix it. 

Contact our AC repair Bur Dubai experts when you notice any AC compressor failure signs. We will opt for preliminary analysis to detect the source of the problem. After that, we will replace the AC compressor, if required. 

Our competent AC repair technicians can resolve these compressor issues:

  • The AC compressor is not turning on
  • Noisy AC compressor
  • AC compressor is overheating
  • Frozen AC compressor
  • AC compressor is running constantly

AC Filter Replacement Services

An air conditioner filter plays an integral role in keeping the airflow clean and dust-free. However, dust or dirt can accumulate in the filter due to inadequate cleaning. A clogged air filter can restrict the airflow and decrease the AC’s efficiency. Thus, schedule an AC filter cleaning service with us to keep it clog-free. Moreover, we have the expertise in replacing the air filters from different kinds of ACs.

Thermostat Repair Services

An AC’s thermostat can be damaged due to corrosion. Thus, if this unit has stopped working let us know. We will check the air conditioner’s thermostat thoroughly. Our AC repair Bur Dubai experts will repair this unit within a stipulated time. Are you using the thermostat for more than 7-8 years? Then, it’s high time to replace it with our professional assistance. 

Why Should You Hire Our AC Repair Bur Dubai Experts?

AC Repairs Dubai is an eminent service provider in Bur Dubai. We are committed to providing on-time repair assistance to our clients. Moreover, our experts have undergone several training modules to offer impeccable services. We use advanced tools and equipment to repair the AC’s faulty components. So, join us and fix the cooling device from skilled experts.

Best AC Repair Technicians are a Call Away?

Facing issues booking our AC repair services? Call our customer support team; they will assist you with the booking process. Besides, we will even help you to choose the service package that best suits your needs. So, request a quote or hire our top-ranked experts now.