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7 Best Home Air Conditioner Brands in Dubai

Several renowned manufacturers offer home air conditioning systems in Dubai. However, choosing the best among them can be difficult. Homeowners need to determine a specific factor before installing an AC. Always choose central ACs over window ACs to keep the house cool. 

Along with checking the cooling device’s price and size, you must consider its SEER rating. The higher the AC’s SEER rating is, the less energy it will consume. Thus, consider going for the brand that offers ACs with less than 25% SEER. It will help you to conserve energy during the hot-humid weather in Dubai.

Additionally, homeowners must check the air conditioner’s cooling speed. Westpoint or Gree ACs can cool the room within less than 15 minutes. Opt for choosing any of the latest models to reduce the internal temperature quickly. However, you should check these popular AC brands before making the ultimate decision:

1. Aftron

Aftron produces the best energy-efficient air conditioners in Dubai. They offer high-quality split, window, and portable air conditioners at a reasonable price. Their devices come with standout features like 4-way cooling and a rotary compressor. Moreover, Aftron has included R410 gas in the ACs to reduce the carbon footprints.

Do you know the best part about Aftron ACs? These cooling devices are easy to install and maintain. You get a gold fin in their split air conditioners to prevent corrosion. There is a 6-in-1 anti-bacterial filter in these ACs to remove harmful microorganisms. Their latest split ACs have a smart LED display that shows the cooling temperature and time. 

Here are the Aftron AC models suitable for apartments and villas:

  • Split Air Conditioner Af-W-18095Ce
  • Window Air Conditioner AFA-18060 B07MW433JY
  • Split Air Conditioner AFW24095
  • Window AC AFA2490 24000
  • Portable Air Conditioner AFPAC12T3

2. Akai

You must have heard about this air conditioner brand, right? Akai is a popular manufacturer known for offering ACs with high cooling capacity. Their cooling devices ensure minimum power consumption and help you to beat the heat. AKAI’s ACs last longer and are ideal for every home, regardless of size.

AKAI air conditioners have superior airflow control and filtration. Moreover, this manufacturer uses R32 gas in the AC refrigerant instead of harmful R-22. Because R-32 has a high level of environmental compatibility and zero ODP, it will help protect the environment and your family from hazardous gases. So, install Akai ACs to fulfill your cooling needs within your budget. 

Here are some features which make AKAI the best AC manufacturer:

  • Self-cleaning function
  • Gold fin technology
  • Smart airflow
  • Dehumidifying mode
  • Quick defrost 

3. Carrier

Carrier stays ahead of the competition by offering the best ACs in Dubai. This company provides the most efficient and high-quality cooling systems. With hundreds of options, Carrier makes it easy to upgrade the home ACs. 

Most of the Carrier air conditioners have 14-21 SEER. This means you can save energy by installing their high-end cooling devices. Besides, the Carrier’s AC performs the cooling operations without generating any noise. These devices also have a refrigerant leakage detector. Additionally, you get a P. 2.5 and anti-VOC filter to remove the impurities from the indoor air. 

Homeowners will get these features in the latest Carrier ACs:

  • Cold catalyst filter
  • Filter cleaning notifier
  • 4-way swing for thorough cooling
  • Next-generation dehumidifier 
  • Auto-restart 
  • Copper condenser with anti-corrosive fin
  • Vitamin C filter
  • Hybrid jet inverter for effective cooling
  • Environmental-friendly R-410 refrigerant gas

4. Hitachi

There’s a reason why Dubai residents mostly prefer Hitachi ACs for their homes. These devices have iSee technology to offer the best cooling efficiency with minimal energy wastage. However, this feature is only available in the latest Hitachi AC models. You won’t get “iSee” in the old Hitachi AC models like RAS25YHA.

Hitachi AC has iSense technology to detect people’s behavior inside the room. The AC will increase the thermostat temperature by one degree if it detects no activity. In this way, Hitachi ensures you get sufficient cooling even during sleep. 

Hitachi ACs are also easy to install, maintain, and clean. You can turn these cooling devices on and off via a smartphone app. Do you use an Android tablet? Install the Hitachi app on the device for better temperature control. Furthermore, these ACs have a dry mode to reduce the excess humidity in the room. 

5. Samsung

Samsung acquired widespread recognition for offering high-end air conditioning systems. These devices have triple inverter technology to create minimal noise while running. Samsung offers compact-sized ACs that can be easily installed in the living room. 

Moreover, Samsung uses high-quality materials to increase the AC’s durability. This company included copper coils for faster cooling. Samsung’s AC can cool the room temperature in minutes, even at a 54-degree temperature. You get convertible mode in these devices to increase the cooling capacity from 40% to 120%. 

You can control the Samsung AC temperature from the phone. Download the Samsung smart AC app on Android devices to change the cooling modes. You can also schedule a time to turn off the AC using this app. Do you know what the best part about Samsung ACs is? These devices can last up to 5-10 years if maintained properly. 

6. LG

LG air conditioners are mostly preferred for their cooling performance and energy efficiency. These devices feature a dual-cool compressor, saving up to 65% of energy. Moreover, LG ACs have built-in HEPA filters, which help capture dust or dirt particles.

LG ACs have a convertible 6-in-1 technology that flexibly increases or decreases the temperature. You can cool down the room temperature quickly in summer using its “JetCool” mode. Additionally, you can control the AC from Android and iOS devices. 

High-end split ACs from LG have dual protection filters to remove bacteria and pollen. Besides, the latest LG ACs have eco-friendly R-32 refrigerants. LG models like KS-Q18SNXD have a low refrigerant indicator. It alters the users when the AC runs on a low refrigerant. Here are some exclusive features of the advanced LG ACs:

  • Auto clean functions
  • Dual-inverter technology
  • 4D Cooling with 30-feet airflow for fast cooling
  • Heat mode
  • Monsoon comfort technology

7. Panasonic

Panasonic AC’s longevity, performance, and cooling capacity are highly satisfactory. Econavi and Nanoe technology make this company a top AC brand. Its split ACs have an iAuto-X feature, quickly reducing indoor temperature. 

Moreover, Panasonic’s ACs have an “Aerowing ” design to improve the airflow inside the house. Some of their cooling devices also come with heating capabilities. Thus, you can use the Panasonic air conditioners during the winter by enabling “Heat Mode”. 

Panasonic ACs have an “Eco Tough” casing to protect the outdoor units from corrosion. Its built-in stabilizer protects the air conditioners from unexpected power surges. Here is the list of the Panasonic AC models which has a high market value in 2022:

  • CS-UV24UKD
  • CS-TU18WKY-5
  • CS-V18XKF
  • CS-PV30XKF

Other Top Brands of Air Conditioners in Dubai

Besides the brands above, O General also provides energy-efficient home ACs. These devices have two swing modes and 5-speed control options. O General ACs can last 4-5 years if maintained and serviced properly. Besides, SKM and Hairer ACs provide the best cooling experience at a reasonable price. So, take time, choose the best, and beat the scorching summer heat.