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Why Does Your Air Conditioner Fail to Turn On?

Appliances not turning on have many common explanations that might also apply to AC. Moreover, fixing hacks might sometimes fail to get your air conditioner working. Yet, you must try them out before checking the AC for any issues. 

Here, we shall see some common reasons why your AC might fail to start. Knowing the cause can help you make better decisions on how to fix the problem. So, go through the causes listed below and proceed with the appropriate solution for the one that applies in your case. 

Common Reasons for Your AC Not Starting Up

You must make sure you have connected the appliance to power properly. If that does not work, try plugging it into another power outlet directly. Does the appliance keep failing to turn on? Consider the following causes of this problem:

Tripped Circuit Breaker

You must check the circuit breaker first if you cannot turn on your AC. After all, turning on too many appliances can often trip the circuit breaker. You would not be able to start it until you turn the circuit breaker switch back on. So, check your electrical panel right now to find out whether that is the case. 

Turn on the AC’s switch on the panel before trying to start the appliance. Do you still keep failing to start the air conditioner? If yes, then you should call an electrician instead of fixing that by yourself. 

Damaged or Faulty Power Cord

Your AC might often fail to turn on despite being plugged in properly. You must consider a faulty power cord as the cause in such cases. Especially so if connecting to another outlet does not fix the problem. As you probably know, you need professional help to replace your AC’s power cord. You must make sure to get a good-quality power cable replacement for your AC. 

Fuse is Blown

You must check for a blown fuse before booking any professional repairs. Turn off the power supplies to your appliances if any of them are active. Then, go to your fuse box and turn off its power supply. Pull out the fuses and use a multimeter to run continuity tests on them. 

You might want to buy a new fuse as soon as possible if the current ones are not working. Make sure to get the right fuse model for your home or office. Are you unwilling to proceed with the fuse replacement by yourself? Hire an experienced professional who can assist you with that. 

Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat should be working if you want to turn on your AC. A malfunctioning thermostat explains why you keep failing to turn on the appliance. Does your thermostat show a blank screen? If yes, it might be powered off, and you must turn it on. 

Replace the batteries of the thermostat if you fail to start it. If it fails to turn on, you might have to replace the thermostat. In that case, you should contact a professional AC repair service right away. Your AC should start without any issues after a thermostat repair or replacement. 

Air Filters are Clogged

You might know, clogged air filters cause problems with your AC’s airflow. It can also sometimes result in the appliance blowing hot instead of cold air. However, a lot of people might not know that it can sometimes cause startup issues as well. So, you should check for clogged air filters if your AC does not turn on. 

Many professional services can provide you with replacement air filters. Most of them can also help you with regular AC cleaning services to maintain the appliance’s performance. You must get yearly professional AC cleanings to prevent problems caused by clogged components.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant shortage is yet another possible cause of your AC not starting. However, you might often fail to detect a leaking refrigerant as it has no smell. To know about a refrigerant leak, you might need to examine your AC’s coil for damages. 

Did your AC face cooling issues before it stopped working? If yes, the appliance probably needs only a refrigerant refill for a solution. 

You cannot refill the refrigerant of your AC by yourself. So, reach out to a professional company and let them handle this task. You would also need their help finding and fixing the AC leak. 

Fan Issues

The problem you are facing might also have something to do with your AC fan. Especially if you are trying to turn it on after a long time. As it happens, ACs often fail to start if you leave them idle throughout the winter. You might need to call an experienced technician to resolve the issue in such cases. 

Your AC’s fans will not initiate if the appliance does not start anyway. So, you must get an immediate professional inspection for the appliance to diagnose the problem. You might need an AC fan replacement or repair service to fix the issue. 

Failed Capacitor

The capacitor is crucial in starting your air conditioning system. Any problems with this component indicate that the motor would not get the initial push required. Heat and sudden power outages are some of the things that can significantly affect the capacitor. Apart from that, this component can also simply die down due to its age. 

You need not necessarily replace the capacitor to fix the problem. A timely repair can help you to extend the lifespan of this component. In any case, you must hire a professional AC technician to fix the problem. 

Dirty Condenser

The condenser is responsible for keeping your AC cool by releasing the heat. Like other components, it can get quite dirty unless you clean it up regularly. As a result, it would have a higher workload and might trip the circuit. So, you must also check whether the condenser is responsible for your AC not turning on. 

You can clean up the condenser while your AC is able to function. But, once it starts facing problems, you must approach a professional for help. Also, you should get a regular AC cleanup service to prevent a dirty condenser. 

How to Choose the Right AC Repair Service?

There are many important aspects to consider before choosing an AC repair service. Experience is one of the main things you must look for while hiring a technician. Apart from that, the service you hire should also have certification to perform AC repairs. 

They must also use professional tools and methods to perform the tasks you assign to them. As we have seen, you might sometimes need to replace some AC parts. So, ensure the repair service you choose can offer you quality replacement components.