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9 Effective Tips on How to Beat the Summer Heat in Dubai

It is difficult to bear the summer heat of Dubai without an air conditioner. However, that is not the only option to cool down the room temperature. There are several other ways to make the room more comfortable in the hot-humid weather. 

Homeowners can increase the airflow by creating a cross-draft. Ever heard about cross-draft ventilation? It’s a natural room cooling method that helps you generate fresh air through the living space. To utilise cross ventilation, all you need to do is open the windows across from each other. 

Additionally, you can also use fans to cross ventilate inside the house. Install the cooling fan out of a window rather than into the house. This method draws cooler air in and pulls the warm air out of the inlet opening. 

However, this method will best work with the fans that have a switch to reverse directions. So, consider buying these fans to reduce the room temperature quickly. 

Need more tips to withstand the heat this summer? Follow this guide to discover possible ways to keep your surroundings cool.

  1. Keep the AC in a Good Condition

An annual AC servicing and maintenance helps the AC to run smoothly during summer. However, this cooling device can stop working if you haven’t maintained it properly. What if you find out the AC is not turning on on a hot-humid day? This can bring a lot of inconveniences, especially when you don’t know how to repair it. Thus, maintaining the device well is essential to avoid major breakdowns during summer.

How to keep the air conditioner in good condition?

An air conditioner takes up to 15-20 minutes to cool the room temperature. However, it takes more than 30 minutes to do that during the summer because the hotter the weather, the harder the AC will work to circulate cool air inside the room. Due to overworking, the AC can degrade its performance. 

However, you can prevent that by following these tips:

  • Clean or replace the air filters after every three months
  • Close the doors and windows tightly to prevent the cool air from leaking outside
  • Turn off the AC when you are not using it
  • Ensure the cooling device is installed in the right place
  • Keep the outdoor units clog-free
  • Hire an expert to service the AC
  1. Go for a District Cooling System over Chiller-free System

You should always choose district cooling systems over chiller-free ones because they are easy to install and provide better airflow than chiller-free ones. Moreover, district cooling can reduce energy consumption by an average of 50%. You can also reduce the CO2 emissions by using this cooling system. So, install a district cooling system to beat the summer heat easily.

  1. Check for Ventilator Leaks

Warm air can enter the house if there are cracks in the doors/windows and thus, increase the indoor temperature. You must check whether there is any gap in the ventilation systems. Ensure to seal the gaps to maintain the cool temperature inside the house. It will effectively help you to survive during a heat wave in Dubai. 

Can sealing window gaps help reduce the Room Temperature?

You can gain control over the room’s temperature by sealing the window gaps. Homeowners should install insulation around the frame for better airflow. Moreover, it will help you to reduce the moisture level in the house. But, don’t try to insulate the window by watching online video tutorials. Hire an expert for hassle-free insulation.

  1. Switch to Smart Thermostat 

Smart thermostats can detect the right temperature needed for the room and adjust it accordingly. However, a programmable thermostat can’t automatically change its temperature. You need to manually reset its program to set a temperature. Thus, switching to a smart thermostat in summer will be a wise decision.

Moreover, a smart thermostat offers a plethora of benefits to users. You can reduce the AC’s energy consumption by using this thermostat. You can also track the daily energy usage of the cooling device by using a smart thermostat. 

Do you know what the best part about this advanced thermostat is? It allows you to control the temperature remotely via an app. Besides, smart thermostats are easy to install and maintain. So, we would suggest using a smart thermostat to beat the heat.

  1. Use CFL Bulbs

Indoor lighting is responsible for elevating the room’s temperature. Do you use regular incandescent light bulbs? It’s time to switch to CFL bulbs to reduce the temperature of the surroundings. CFL bulbs generate less heat and are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. 

  1. Turn off the Computer and the External Monitors 

You might not know that turning on the PC for hours can increase the heat in the room. Thus, you must turn off the device when you are not working on it. Additionally, you should disconnect the external monitors to keep the surroundings cool. It will also help you to reduce the monthly utility bill. 

  1. Turn off the Electronic Appliances

Turning off the PC is not enough to cool down the room temperature. You also need to power off unwanted home appliances, like the dryer or washer. The longer you will keep these units on, the more heat they will generate. Thus, unplug the appliances to keep the surroundings cool in summer. 

Why should You Switch to Energy-Efficient Appliances?

Energy-efficient appliances can reduce heat exchange and carbon emissions. Thus, you must buy these devices to beat the summer heat in Dubai. 

Here are the other benefits you can get by using this energy-saving option:

  • Save money on home’s utility bills by reducing the energy consumption
  • Energy-efficient appliances last longer
  • These home appliances require less maintenance and repair
  • It helps you to adjust the energy consumption during the summer
  1. Use Insulated Curtains on the Windows

When the sun shines on the window, it heats the room during the day. Do you have a south-and west-facing window? Cover it with insulated curtains to control the room temperature. These curtains add a layer of protection over the window and reduce the heat exchange. You can reduce AC usage by using these window coverings. 

  1. Buy a Portable Evaporative Cooler

Keep your surroundings cool by investing in a portable evaporative cooler. These devices consume less power than ACs to reduce the indoor temperature. Move it from the living room during the day to the bedroom at night to keep the room comfortable.

However, certain factors need to be determined before buying an evaporative cooler. Check the cooler’s price and size before making the ultimate decision. Furthermore, you should check the cooling capacity of the device before buying it. 

Other Ways to Beat the Heat on Warm Summer Days

Using ceiling fans and ACs is an effective way to keep the room cool. The fan will circulate AC’s cool air, spread it across the room, and cool down the room faster. Additionally, ACs consume less power to circulate the air and will help you extend their lifespan.

Are you planning to update the home decor? Ensure to invest in lighter colours and fabrics. It’s the best way to withstand the summer heat in Dubai. Buy white coloured curtains, and it will help you to keep the room cool. Paint the rooms white or light grey to maintain the indoor temperature. So, we recommend following these tips to beat the heat in Dubai.