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4 Reason Why Air Conditioner is making You Cough

We can’t deny the fact that an air conditioner is a real blessing during the peak months of summer. But, in recent days, everyone is using the air conditioner irrespective of month and time. However, the question remains – Is the air conditioner leading to any illness? 

In most cases, it has been noticed that people don’t feel good when the air conditioner is constantly running. Folks are facing sore throat or a nagging cough. There are a few more things that you need to know, for example, why does this happen? Before going for the solution, we will discuss the causes.

Cause of Coughing due to Air Conditioner

There can be different causes of coughing. We do not intend to give you medical advice, but when it comes to air conditioning, we can help you to determine the actual culprit for your coughing. There are a few different factors that initial this coughing:

  1. Cold And Dry Air

The major cause of coughing is cold and dry air. Now, what is this dry air? Well, in simple terms, dry air without humidity or moisture content is dry air. Air conditioners remove humidity and cool the air, thus can lead to dry air. This happens when people are exposed to cold air, leading to coughing variant asthma. 

Even though you don’t have any symptoms, you can still suffer from cough variant asthma. If you see that the cough is leading to congestion and less throat irritation, it could be due to the humidity. Generally, the air conditioner creates a thin balance in your home, and any environmental change can directly affect your health. 

  1. Dirty Air can Make You Cough

Another primary cause of coughing is mould which normally grows in a damp environment. Thus, the air conditioner collects standing water leads to a mouldy mess. In better terms, it could cause air conditioner lung problems. These different types of moulds or fungus growth can even cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis. 

It mainly occurs when you haven’t replaced the air conditioner on time. Thus, collect more dust, dirt, pet hair, mould and bacteria etc., which will blow back instead of getting removed. Particularly those who already have a history of difficult breathing or a history of respiratory illness, then they have a high chance of getting infected. 

  1. Leaking Air Conditioning

It might be possible that the air conditioner is the source of a leak. In general, the air conditioner removes the moisture from the air and drains water from the drainage passage. If there is any leak, clog, or other problem, the water redirects back into your home. 

This water becomes the root cause of mould and bacterial growth, and it can even lower the air quality, thus raising the humidity level. So, both issues can lead to coughing. Therefore it is very important to inspect the air conditioner and look for ways to prevent moisture. Thus, seeking help from professionals will be beneficial. 

Prevention of Cough Cause due to Air Conditioners

There are some common preventions that you can try to get rid of coughing. As we know, ‘prevention is better than cure’.  We have mentioned the points, and this will be beneficial for you.

  1. Make sure to Replace the AC Filter on Time

It is very important to replace or clean the filters on time. It might be possible that you are facing issues due to allergens and other air contaminants. Generally, air conditioners are supposed to clean the air. But, when you power on the AC unit, a faulty air filter affects the air cleaning process. 

You can enjoy the clean air in one step, either cleaning the air filters or replacing them. You also need to keep in mind that replacing the air filter is not a DIY job. Make sure you hire an expert who knows all the details about filters. 

Only the right air conditioner company will recommend the best filter for your AC unit. They will also help you in the installation process. Even they know better whether to replace or clean it depending on the situation. In most cases, you don’t need to replace it, just clean the filter, and the job is done

  1. Use a Humidifier

If you observe that even after replacing the filter you are still coughing, then it would be better if you buy a humidifier. The air conditioners release dry air to maintain a low temperature. This dry air can be the reason for coughing. If you install the humidifier, you can return the moisture to the air. Dehumidifiers are quite effective during sleeping hours.

  1. Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Functional

If you have a malfunctioning air conditioner, you might experience coughing. You must hire a professional who can inspect the AC properly. If required, they can repair or replace the worn-out parts. If the air conditioner is working properly, it will reduce the chance of having air pollutants or cough, and other medical issues are common. 

  1. Optimal Home Temperature

In order to make your home comfortable and to avoid dust that causes the airways to block, keep your home at a temperature between 72 and 74 degrees. This will ensure that your home does not get too hot when the temperature is high. Even, it will keep the humidity at a comfortable level. 

This will help you to keep your throat at a normal state. It will help you to reduce the energy cost. It must be comfortable not just for you but also for your entire family. This causes less run time, fewer impurities, and stable lungs and respiratory system. 


So, this was all about the air conditioner making you cough? All the details are given to help you deal with this situation. The causes and the prevention of this issue are given. Thus, you won’t face any trouble. Make sure you follow the prevention properly to get rid of this situation.