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Proven Indications That Your AC is Making You Sick

No doubt technology has always made things easier in every possible way. With the help of the appliances around us, you can live your life more easily. Air conditioner is that appliance invented for our convenience. It helps us on days when there is immense heat, and we need cooling comfort. Air conditioners provide us with all the necessities that we want. 

During hot summer, all you want to do after returning from outside is to turn on the air conditioner. Even though, in most cases, the air conditioner is prescribed to people with asthma, allergies etc. 

But, some question whether the air conditioner is doing more harm than good lingers. It might be possible that the air conditioner does not go well with the environment, and thus the folks can fall sick. To come up with a more clear idea, we will discuss this topic. 

Is the Air Conditioner the Reason to Fall Sick?

This is a big question that stays on our minds. You might be wondering whether the air conditioner is the main source of your sickness. The appliances are programmed to dehumidify the air in your room. 

They were made for good purposes but still started becoming the cause of health issues. The sickness starts where the air conditioner and bacteria, mould, fungi etc., meet. Irrespective of your office or home, it is the breeding ground for mould or bacteria. 

Then, the air conditioner will only circulate the allergens present. If they are not properly maintained, then it can increase the growth of mould, bacteria etc. Thus, creating an ideal environment got the mould, bacteria etc. 

Cause of Health Issues due to Air Conditioners

As already discussed, the outgrowth of pathogens is the main reason for poor health. Now, the question comes – how did all this starts, and what are the causes behind this? We will discuss the causes that will help you out: 

  1. Dirty Aircon

It might be possible that your air conditioner is not consistently cleaned, and thus you can observe the outgrowth of dirt, bacteria and fungi in its internal parts. You will notice that the fan coils and the filters are covered with dirt and mould. This affects the air that it produces. Therefore, inhaling the contaminated air will lead to nose and throat, causing serious issues like pneumonia. 

  1. The Environment is Unsanitary 

In case your house or working space is liable to mould or bacteria growth, this can be the potential cause of being sick. Thus, the air conditioner circulates air around you that includes dirt, germs and potentially threatening elements. This will lead you to health issues.

  1. The Air Conditioner is too Cold 

If you are in an air conditioner room, it is very cold, and it feels amazing, but this does not mean it is good for the body. You might come across many side effects. This happens when you expose yourself to a place with a shallow temperature. Some of the side effects like cold, skin problems etc. 

Symptoms of Air Conditioner Sickness

One thing we must clarify is that the air conditioner does not make you sick; rather, the pathogens do. It is due to exposure to harmful pathogens you get sick. There are a few common sicknesses that you need to be aware of so that you can deal with them. 

  1. Cold and Blocked Nasal Passage

The viruses that cause cold can spread through the air or direct or indirect contact. These viruses can also survive in an intense cold place. It negatively affects the nose and throat. This results in a runny nose, sneezing and even coughing.

  1. Hard to Breathe

In case you are in a room where you are inhaling unhealthy air, then it can trigger asthma. Thus, leading to breathing issues. The bacteria flowing through the air due to the air conditioner might enter your respiratory system, henceforth causing more harm. 

  1. High Blood Pressure

If you are in a room that contains shallow temperatures, then this can lead the skin’s arteries to constrict to protect the body from excess heat loss. Henceforth, it will decrease the blood flow, including the white blood cells. You must know that the white blood cells protect us by shielding us from viruses. This results in a heightening of blood pressure. 

  1. Headache and Dizziness

Headache and dizziness are other symptoms of this sickness. The air conditioning unit’s temperature is way down low, and you might have headaches or dizziness. The cold release from an air conditioner affects the body’s neurological parts. This is quite similar to the experience when you drink something cold and face that your brain freezes. 

Studies also show a high occurrence of sickness among folks who work in the AC units. Turning on the AC increases the cold condition, lowering the humidity. It is even advised to use a humidifier along with a conditioner. To reduce the air conditioner sickness symptoms, you must drink a lot of water daily to reduce the effect. 

  1. Skin Problem

This is a very common experience of unusual dryness of the skin when the AC is at a low temperature. When you are in an extremely cold place, the room is covered with low humidity. Studies say that the arteries leading to the skin constricting at a low temperature as a defence mechanism. It helps in preventing losing too much heat. 

Henceforth, the skin loses its moisture. Now, due to lack of moisture, the skin dries up or even cracks. Therefore, too long exposure in the cold room can initiate other skin issues, for example, acne or dermatitis. The solution to this problem is to install a humidifier. The humidifier will create coolness while preventing dryness

  1. Fatigue and Sore Muscles

You might feel comfortable staying in a place that gives the cooling air more than is required, but it can cause fatigue. Thus, the body burns so much of its energy that it can be warm, henceforth, you get tired. 

This can lead to the muscles and joints feeling sore and stiff. The AC unit adjusts the air and circulates the air. Though it removes the particulate matter, it can still not remove the bacteria, pathogens etc. These bacteria thrive in this environment if not removed. It makes things worst when these pathogens circulate. 

  1. Intolerance to Heat

In case you use an air conditioner’s cooling effect regularly, your body gets accustomed to it. Your body will feel hotter than normal when exposed to heat. Henceforth, we constantly experience the cooling effect, making us more prone to danger caused by hot temperatures. Heat tolerance is common in most people who stay indoors mostly. 

These folks feel uncomfortable when they go outside in a room where AC is not present. The only way to avoid this situation is to use natural ventilation for cooling when your surrounding gets too hot. You can also turn off the thermostat for some time and walk outside to get some fresh air. 

How to Avoid Air Conditioning Sickness?

The best way to avoid sickness is to keep AC maintenance your top priority. Due to the regular maintenance of AC, you will be able to know the leakages earlier than the mould development. Clean the air filters regularly, and we have already mentioned this earlier. It will also be beneficial to take a look at your air ducts. 

All the important points are mentioned above. These points will help you to deal with AC sickness. We have also mentioned prevention steps so that you can avoid further issues. You can be frustrated with air conditioning sickness, but you can avoid that with the help of the ways instructed.