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What Signs say You need to Repair the Air Conditioner?

Every device and every appliance does have some faults. Not every appliance is perfect and lives for longer. One such device is an air conditioner. We can deny the fact that the air conditioner is really helpful. 

Nowadays, an air conditioner runs every season, but particularly in summer, this air conditioner works as a blessing. But, nothing worse can happen when suddenly the air conditioner works abnormally. 

The situation can worsen due to uncomfortable heat and humidity, and you must hurry for your AC repair. But before reaching its last stage, the air conditioner shows some signs. You must be aware of this sign to take proper steps beforehand. 

Signs that your Air Conditioner Needs to Repair

There are some signs that the air conditioner shows before the situation gets worse. However, due to unawareness, people are not very familiar with these indications or signs. We have explained the signs you might notice before your AC completely goes off. 

Warm Air Coming Out

The main purpose of a conditioner is to deliver cool air from the vents. Thus making your home comfortable. But you might notice that it is releasing warm air instead of cool air. The warm air is coming out of the vents, which is a sign that your system is not working properly. 

There can be many possibilities behind this issue. It can be due to a bad capacitor, a clogged filter, or even a lower refrigerant level. Contacting an AC professional to diagnose the problem will be helpful. 

Weak Airflow from the Vents

If you see the airflow is weak, there is something wrong with your air conditioner. It simply means that the air conditioner works hard to circular cool air but cannot perform the job. 

There is a possibility of leaky ductwork, clogged filters, or even a debris build-up in your duct. Another possibility that can arise is the failure of the compressor. In most cases, you can prevent this issue by scheduling regular tune-ups and changing the filter. 

Louder Noise Coming Out from Indoor Units

Normally, the indoor unit of the air conditioner works quietly. But in case you heard loud noises coming from the AC. Then, it is a sign that your air conditioner is in critical condition. Make sure you look for the fixture immediately. A loose part of the AC can also cause issues to other parts of the system. If you don’t give proper notice, then it might develop into a costly repair. 

Bad Odour after the AC is Turned On

If your air conditioner smells bad, then it is quite a weird thing because the AC should never smell bad. You might get a strong burning smell, and it indicates burnt insulation on the wiring. Thus, this can lead to a higher chance of fire. 

In case you smell a musty odor, there is a high chance of biological growth investigation. Make sure you address this issue as soon as possible. It only damages the air conditioner but also affects the health of your family. 

Leaking around the Unit of the Air Conditioner

If you notice any kind of moisture leaking around the system, then it is a sign of refrigerant leakage. And this is a major issue. Refrigerant is quite dangerous, so professional help must be taken to fix it. It will protect your health and safety. 

There is also a high chance that the leak is water. It is not that dangerous. But it might be a sign that the tube responsible for removing condensation from the unit has clogged. Professionals have enough experience and thus can handle such situations. 

Frequent Cycles

The air conditioner must go through routine cooling cycles irrespective of the weather. There is a high chance that the cooling system turns on more during the summer days but shouldn’t cycle off and on constantly. 

In case you notice frequent cycles, then there must be some problem with the air conditioner. Make sure to contact the experts, and it is a sign that you need a new air conditioner. Ignoring the issues can cause more serious problems. 

Rise in Electric Bill

If you observe that your energy bill rises quickly, though there is no extra usage, then it is an indication that you need to replace your air conditioner. There can be many causes behind the indication. For example, a broken thermostat, leakage in the AC system’s duct, or even elevated age of the air conditioner. Irrespective of the cause, you need to repair the air conditioner’s unit. 

The Lifespan of the AC is Over

All air conditioner has a fixed time to expire. If you have been using it for more than ten years, then it’s high time to replace it and bring in a new unit. Generally, an air conditioner does not last for more than a decade. 

Showing signs works as a reminder so that you can quickly recognize a problem and take proper prevention. Thus, you can replace the part that is faulty. This keeps your house comfortable during the summer months. These signs are real blessings for those who want to keep their system in proper condition. 

Thermostat Not Working

In your AC, the command center of the system is the thermostat. The thermostat is the key source of communication. It lets the system know how much cold air must be generated. Also, it takes proper measures to make sure that it is doing the job. 

Suppose you notice that the system is running for a small interval of time and shutting itself off. All these are indications that your thermostat is not operating the system correctly. Hire a specialist and examine the system. It might get worse if you don’t give proper attention.

AC Unit Struggles to Keep Up with the Demand

The last sign is when you observe the air conditioner struggling to keep up with the demand. It might be possible that your home becomes uncomfortable. Thus, it is high time for you to change the unit and replace it with a better version. 


So these were all about the signs that your air conditioner shows you need to repair the unit. Do not ignore the signs, or else the system might get worse. It would be better to hire professionals for any examination of the unit. 

Hardly an AC unit works properly for 10-15 years. Thus it would be better if you replace it, to keep your and your family’s health proper. Hope the above-mentioned indications help you to fix the situation.