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Why the Air Conditioner is not Turning Off?

During the summer season, people mainly depend on the Air Conditioner because to beat the heat, and this is the only solution. Nowadays, you can say, regardless of the time of year, that you are keeping the AC on. Many reports are coming from the users, which can be the reason for concern. 

There are possible situations where your AC is running non-stop, but your home isn’t cool. When your Air Conditioner is not turning off, then you need to pay attention to it. To fix the issue, we have come up with solutions, and these fixes will help you to resolve the issue more quickly. 

Reasons behind the Air Conditioner not Turning Off

Before we go on with the fixes you must know the reasons behind why the Air Conditioner is not turning off. There can be many reasons, and all of them we have discussed here. 

The listed issues might be present within your Air Conditioner.

  1. Electrical Fault

We are quite aware of the number of electrical components present in an Air Conditioner. A stuck Relay Switch lets the electrical circuit close, thus constantly providing power to the Air Conditioner. 

Also, in a close position, the compressor contactor can fuse, thus letting the Condenser unit keep running with constant power. You need a technician to fix the stuck switch. They have enough experience to replace the problematic switch.

  1. Thermostat Faulty

After every 10 years, you need to replace the Thermostats. It might be possible that the Thermostat sensors gather dirt around it. This prevents the accurate reading of the room temperature. It might be possible that the electrical wiring is completely damaged and the connection is loose. This will eventually disrupt the conveying of the signal between the thermostat and the Air Conditioner. 

  1. Faulty Fan Limit Switch 

It can be possible that even with the correct Fan settings, the fan motor may continue running evenly. The reason can be the Fan Limit Switch stuck in the override position. It just needs to Reset the Limit Switch, which will stop the fan from blowing. To work normally, it needs to be directed by the Thermostat. 

  1. Inaccurate Thermostat Settings

It might be possible that due to the system fan being on, the Air Conditioner is constantly running beside the cooling system cycles. Selecting the fan settings as On, the Thermostat Powers the Blower Motor and Fan to continue. 

Due to the improper state of the Air Conditioner, you might hear the indoor component running and might feel hot air releasing from vents, as the Air Conditioner is not in the state to produce cool air. 

However, there is a possibility that the set temperature is different than expected. Thus, it seems the Air Conditioner is constantly running. It can also be possible that the setpoint may be adjusted more than usual. Henceforth, it keeps running to achieve this temperature even though you might think that the system is off.

  1. Dirty Air Filter

This is another reason why the Air Conditioner won’t turn off. This prevents air movement through the system. This causes a number of problems, and the Air Conditioner won’t shut off. Whenever the filters are clogged with pollutants, still the Air Conditioners have to keep cycling to support enough cooling.  

  1. Condenser and Condenser Coils

To make your home cool, the hot air needs to pass over the indoor Evaporator Coil. Then, the Refrigerant travels through the space running to the outdoor unit. Before moving into the Condenser Coil, it has been pressurised by the Compressor, where the heat is released. 

The Condenser Coil might accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, preventing the Coil from releasing heat from the Refrigerant. If the condenser coils are too dirty, then it might limit the conditioner’s cooling power. Thus, the system will keep running to cool each room. 

In case the outdoor Condenser Unit is blocked by dust and debris, the proper air movement will not be released into the atmosphere. Weeds, bits of mulch etc., can abstract the fins and cause clogging. Thus, interrupting air from flowing properly.

  1. Low Fan Speed

If the Blower Fan speed is too low, then the system cannot move enough cool air. In such a situation, the Air Conditioner will continue to cycle. Even the dirt and dust on the fan can also slow down.

  1. Frozen Evaporator Coil

In case your Air Conditioner is running, but it is still blowing hot air, then there is a possibility that the Evaporator Coils are frozen. In most cases, it has been seen that system issues stop the evaporator coils from receiving enough heat. 

Thus, possibly the condensation pulled from the air freezes from the surface of the coil. Henceforth, the ice layer on the coil stops the refrigerant from absorbing heating energy in the air. 

Thus, this results in excess dirt on the coil, lock of air floor and even blockage on room vents. It may develop heavy ice layers and hold moisture within the system; even the condensate drip pan and drain line gets clogged. 

  1. Low Refrigerant Level

Refrigerant is important in AC to make sure there is correct cooling and comfortable indoor temperature. In case of leaks, damaged coils etc., allow the refrigerant to escape the system. Thus, making limited Refrigerant available for the Air Conditioner to absorb and transfer heat. 

What fixes deal with the Air Conditioner that Won’t Turn Off?

If you are in a situation where your Air Conditioner keeps running and do not stop, then you need to follow the troubleshooting steps that we have discussed down below. The steps are beneficial. You just have to follow them as instructed. You are also advised to contact professional experts before you continue. 

  1. Adjust the Thermostat Temperature Settings

First, you have to check the set temperature on your Thermostat. If the temperature is low compared to the current room temperature, the AC won’t stop. You need to adjust the temperature a few degrees higher. This will trigger the thermostat to close the air conditioner. 

  1. Adjust the Thermostat Fan Settings

You need to check if the Air Conditioner is actually running. Often, simply the fan is running alone, thus making it appear as if the cooling cycle is constantly working. Make sure to check the fan settings on your Thermostat, and it might be in the auto position. Thus, letting the fan only run while the Air Conditioner is on. The Thermostat will tell the Air Conditioner to shut off along with the fan. 

  1. Get Rid of Airflow Restrictions

Make sure to remove the obstacles that prevent the air from flowing freely through the system. Thus, making the Air Conditioner stay longer than it generally should, you need to replace the dirty air filter with a clean filter and remove the dirt and debris that have accumulated. 

  1. Clean the Blower Fan

A dirty Blower Fan restricts the ability of the cooling system to circulate cool air and causes the system to run constantly. To remove the grime that restricts the fan operation is given below. Follow the steps accordingly:

  • First, you need to turn off the electrical power to the indoor unit. 
  • Now, remove the access panel to the blower compartment. 
  • Then, you need to remove the screw that was holding the circuit board in place. After that, you have to keep the wires connected and then shift the circuit board out of the way.
  • Again, you need to remove the screw holding the blower motor and carefully pull it out of the cabinet.
  • To clean the debris, you need to use a soft brush on the fan blades. Clear all the debris from the blades and the cabinet.
  • You can also go for repositioning the blower in the cabinet and securing the screws. Now, replace the access panel and restore the power to the unit. 


So, this was all about the causes, and the fixes based on why won’t the air conditioner turn off. All the possible reasons are mentioned above, along with the fixes. To resolve the solution, the fixes are beneficial. Make sure you go with the causes first and then the solutions.