5 Factors that Confirm about an HVAC Emergency

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HVAC is a part of advanced technology that is present in an AC machine. HVAC stands for “Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning”. This type of AC technology is generally situated in indoor and vehicle AC machines. In some cases, there might be an emergency situation when this type of AC system faces a troublesome situation. 

There is a high chance that you might panic and call for emergency service. But, you shouldn’t panic. Always try to observe and understand the situation. In doing so, you will come to know about all the best possible factors that are responsible for the HVAC emergency situation. 

Types of Emergencies

There are various types of emergency situations that can arise while you are using an HVAC system. The situations are like- you cannot operate the machine by switching off the power supply, impurities in the air that can lead to unhealthy situations, problems regarding the electricity, and others.  

What are the Main Factors of the HVAC Emergency?

In emergency situations, there are certain prime factors that are responsible for it. If you can understand the factors, then you will be able to resolve the problematic situation with ease. 

  • Reduction in the Cooling Capacity 

Of course during the summer season, the AC machine is one of the most used appliances. If it somehow stops cooling your home or work environment, then it will be a much hectic situation for you. In some situations, the machine gives out hot air instead of cool air. So, if this happens, consider this factor as the HVAC emergency. After that, you have to turn off the machine and call the experts for help.  

  • Irritating noises and bad odours

When the HVAC breakdown takes place, it will start making certain typical noise. In addition to that, while you turn on the machine, the pungent smell can come. This might happen due to some short circuit happening in the HVAC machine. That is why you need a professional who has experience in mending this situation. 

  • Freezing of HVAC coils 

During the summer season, if the coils of the HVAC system freezes, then be sure that there is a serious internal problem. Freezing of the coils occurs when the refrigerant temperature is below the freezing point. This will not happen automatically. So, you can easily consider this factor as an emergency. In order to avoid this type of emergency situation, you can reduce the cooling temperature of the HVAC to 70-degrees Fahrenheit. If the issue still exists, then call the experts at once.

  • Weather conditions 

Weather conditions are one of the most dominant factors of HVAC emergencies. If you face the HVAC breakdown due to the changing and adverse weather conditions, then obviously, you can consider this matter as an emergency. Extreme heat and cold can lead to this kind of situation. In addition to that, they also generate extreme health risks. 

  • Faults in installation or servicing 

After buying an HVAC system, the professionals will help you in setting up the entire machine. If the appliance is not set accurately, then it can lead to an emergency. That is why before installing a new HVAC system or giving your old system to a servicing centre, make sure that the people who will engage themselves are qualified regarding the matter. In addition to that, you must also check whether they are certified professionals or not. 

Necessary Measures during an Emergency 

Apart from calling the experts, there are certain preventive measures that you need to follow. During an emergency situation, it is better not to turn on the HVAC system. In case, the system is situated in a workplace, always keep a backup system ready to turn on. Never touch the internal parts of the HVAC like coils, wires, on your own. Furthermore, Air Con Repair Dubai can help you with proper servicing and repair service.